About us


Family winemaking of Peter Matyšák was found in 1991 in a 300-hundred-year vineyard house in the center of Pezinok. Today the former winemaking building became a restaurant Vinum Galeria Bozen. Modern winemaking was built from scratch in 2002 in a part of Pezinok that is called Glejovka (glue factory). Cellar is equipped with a state-of-the-art technology allowing wine production of the highest quality. In 2006 a separate cellar for wine maturing in oak and barrique barrels was added to winemaking. The essential element of wine is primarily quality raw material which comes from the best vineyards of Lesser Carpathian and South Slovak wine region. Víno Matyšák successfully collaborates with the leading vine-growers for more than two decades, there is enough raw material for production of stable selection of wine and other products.

Accept our invitation, freshen up, enjoy the best what we have for you, gain experience for more intensive and valuable life!

Yours sincerely Peter Matyšák